The Peski Kids


The Peski Kids 1, The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach
Life is hard enough without having to spend time with your siblings.  But there is no other way for Joe, Fin and April Peski to solve the mystery of the cockroach catastrophes that are rocking their new home town of Currawong.

Along with Loretta, their stunningly beautiful yet sociopathic next-door neighbour, and Pumpkin the world’s worst trained dog, they set out to prove their innocence.

Together they are The Peski Kids


The Peski Kids 2, Bear in the Woods


No one believes April saw an enormous bear in the woods. No one thinks Fin didn’t break the Cat Lady’s foot. No one wants to know why Loretta bought Dad new underwear. And no one listens to Joe, because he never has much to say. The Peski Kids are up to their eyeballs in trouble, and it’s all their dog’s fault.

Now the Mayor is watching them like a hawk. She won’t let anyone ruin Currawong’s Daffodil Festival. That’s fine, the Peski Kids want to blend in, the only problem is…they are really terrible at it.



The Peski Kids 3, Stuck in the Mud

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