Friday Barnes

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective (book 1)

FridayBarnes_front coverfb1 US v2Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was an 11-year-old girl! When Friday Barnes solves a bank robbery, she uses the $50,000 reward to send herself to the most exclusive boarding school in the country.

Friday is soon investigating disappearing homework, rampant high-tech smuggling, clock theft from the headmaster’s office and a Yeti running around the school swamp. That’s when she’s not dealing with her own problem – Ian Wainscott, the handsomest boy in school, who inexplicably hates Friday and loves nasty pranks.


Friday Barnes, Under Suspicion (book 2)

FridayBarnes2_FrontCoverFriday Barnes 2 USWho knew boarding school could be this perilous!

When Friday Barnes cracked the case of Highcrest Academy’s mysterious swamp-yeti, the last thing she expected was to be placed under arrest. Now with the law on her back and Ian Wainscott in her face, Friday is not so sure boarding school was the smartest choice. From a missing or not-so-missing calculator to the appearance of strange holes in the school field, she is up to her pork pie hat in crimes – and she swears not all of them are hers. There’s also new boy Christopher, who has taken quite a shine to Friday, to contend with.Can Friday navigate the dangerous grounds of Highcrest Academy and decipher a decades-old mystery without getting caught in an unexpected love triangle?


Friday Barnes, Big Trouble (book 3)

FB3FB3When Friday’s father turns up out of the blue, he brings his daughter some distressing news – Friday’s mother has been kidnapped! But who would want to kidnap a theoretical physicist? The Headmaster needs Friday’s help too, when Highcrest Academy is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a beautiful new student – Princess Ingrid of Norway. She’s rich, she’s royal and she’s got her eye on Ian Wainscott. Despite heightened security at the school, things start to go missing. It appears Highcrest Academy has been infiltrated by a master thief, The Pimpernel.

Can Friday crack the case of her missing mother, reign in a royal brat and unmask the elusive Pimpernel? If it means she gets to ditch PE, then of course she can!

Friday Barnes, No Rules (book 4)

Friday Barnes 4

fb4Friday Barnes has been deported to Switzerland!  With their in-school detective gone, Highcrest Academy has descended into chaos.  Someone’s fired all the teachers!

The Headmaster claims it wasn’t him, and suspicion soon turns to Ian Wainscott, but Friday won’t stand by and let her favourite nemesis take the blame.  Apart from being innocent (probably), he’s seriously good looking (definitely).  There’s also the problem of the new vice principal and his questionable teaching methods.  It’s hard to take someone seriously when they wear tie-dyed t-shirts.

Can Fridya save Ian’s scholarship? Can she find the prankster before they bring down the school?  Can she run the cross country?  She certainly going to try …to do the first two, anyway.


Friday Barnes, The Plot Thickens (book 5)

fb5 coverFriday Barnes is being attacked on all fronts!  When Friday gets involved in her frenemy Ian Wainscott’s family dispute, it appers her knack for uncovering the truth may ruin their freindship once and for all.  Meanwhile, there are two new teachers to contend with – a celebrity artist whose intentions are somewhat unclear, and an over-enthusiastic PE teacher on a fitness crusade.  Can Friday repair her friendship with Ian, restore her perfect school-life balance and work out who is committing the acts of vandalism around Highcrest? No one said high school would be easy.


Friday Barnes, Danger Ahead (book 6)

friday-barnes-6Friday is at it again! Will she be able to avert danger before it’s too late?  Friday Barnes is left behind when Ian takes off to join his father in the Cayman Islands. But when your dad is a white collar criminal, family reunions never go to plan. Ian is kidnapped en route and it’s up to Friday to rescue him.

On her return to school, the Headmaster has a treat in store – a four-week camp for students to learn wilderness survival skills! ‘Camp Courage’ is worse than Friday imagined. The only bright side is when Friday stumbles across a major crime taking place in the middle of the forest.

Can Friday survive the wild outdoors, outfox some dodgy crooks and make it back to Highcrest Academy alive? Only time (and a compass) will tell!


Friday Barnes, Bitter Enemies (book 7)

When four former headmasters arrive at Highcrest Academy to take part in anniversary celebrations, all the students are told to be on their best behaviour. Unfortunately, no one told the headmasters that they had to behave too! Before long, a terrible accident down at the swamp ends with a smashed boat and one of the headmasters missing. Once again Highcrest is in trouble and only Friday Barnes can sort it out.


Friday Barnes, Never Fear (book 8)
9780143784203Friday’s time at Highcrest is running out!
The new headmaster is turning everything upside down. Friday’s irritatingly high IQ has her fast-tracked to graduation, while a pair of incriminating pants puts Ian on the rocky road to expulsion.

When a rumour emerges of embezzled gold stashed on the school grounds, Friday is determined to uncover the truth. But some big questions remain: Can she stay out of detention long enough to solve the mystery? How will Melanie survive without Friday to tell her what class she’s in? And will Friday ever get that first kiss with Ian?

With implosions and explosions everywhere, Friday Barnes will have to use her head and get a grip on her beating heart in order to find the gold that lies within.


Friday Barnes, No Escape (Book 9)

Friday Barnes is back with a new mystery to be solved.

It’s two years later . . .

Friday steps out of prison, a shell of her former self. She’s still wearing the same brown cardigan, but she swears she’s never solving mysteries again! Yeah right – who is she kidding? She can’t suppress her brilliant deductive mind and is soon drawn back into the intrigues of Highcrest Academy.

Then Uncle Bernie rings, pleading with Friday to fly to Italy and help him protect the Uffizi Galleries from a team of art thieves – and she can’t say ‘no’ to family. Even if it means travelling to the city where Ian, her ex-boyfriend/nemesis is living.

Will Friday be able to protect Italy’s finest artworks? Will Melanie stay awake long enough to help her? And will Ian still be as gorgeous as a Greek god and twice as annoying?

Friday Barnes 10, Undercover

9781761043659-1Friday is not running away. Yes, she did get on a train to Norway without telling anyone where she was going – but she had to help Binky. He may or may not have been attacked by a polar bear. Now he’s facing court martial for dereliction of duty. Obviously, Friday had to drop everything and travel 3000 kilometres to solve the case.

The fact that it’s easier to handle her feelings for Ian Wainscott if there’s a continent between them is just a coincidence. When Friday arrives in Oslo, there are so many mysteries to solve. Is someone trying to keep Binky and Princess Ingrid apart? How can a painting leave a museum when all the doors are sealed? And will Melanie persuade Friday to go to the royal ball without wearing a brown cardigan?

If Friday survives her trip to the remote Global Seed Vault, we may find out.

Friday Barnes 11, Last Chance
On sale February 2023

fb-11-cover_for-rachel1Crime is afoot in the city of love!

Someone stole the Mona Lisa. Okay, it was over a hundred years ago, but a recently uncovered letter reveals that the thief forged a copy. That means that the painting in the Louvre now is a fake. And the real Mona Lisa could be anywhere!

Friday Barnes needs to find the truth – and the real painting. She’s going undercover as an art student, along with her partner-in-crime-solving, Melanie, and her staggeringly good-looking boyfrenemy, Ian.

As they watch the comings and goings of France’s most famous art gallery, they see some very strange things. Amid digital pickpockets, guerrilla graffiti and projectile perfume, Friday soon discovers that the Paris art scene is a hotbed of crime.

Friday Barnes 12, Untitled
On sale February 2024