Nanny Piggins

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins (book 1)
NP1 new cover NP1 - Cover US editionnanny_piggins - Brazil

It all starts when Nanny Piggins (the world’s most glamorous flying pig) runs away from the circus and goes to live with the Greens as their nanny. The Green children, Derrick, Samantha and Michael, fall in love with her instantly. Who could not fall in love with a Nanny whose only job qualifications are her astonishing ability to be fired out of a cannon and her amazing ability to make chocolate cake, sometimes both at the same time? Then they have some wonderful adventures together. I won’t spoil them for you by listing them all here but, suffice to say, they do include catching a serial door knob thief, hiding a 10 foot dancing bear in the basement and being lost at sea en route to China.

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Nanny Piggins and the Wicked Plan (book 2)

NP2 new covernp2_lores_coverWhen Mr Green announces his diabolical plan – he has decided to get married – his children (Derrick, Samantha and Michael) are horrified. Especially when they discover his real motive – he wants to get married so he can sack their beloved nanny, Nanny Piggins. Obviously their father has to be stopped, and Nanny Piggins is just the pig to do it. Because you should never ever cross a flying pig. And so, in the process of ruining Mr Green’s matrimonial prospects, Nanny Piggins and the children have many exciting adventures – including being blasted across Dead Man’s Gorge with an armadillo, breaking into a maximum-security prison in search of Chinese food and fighting a Gypsy Queen over a pit of fire.


Nanny Piggins and the Runaway Lion (book 3)

NP3 new coverNP3_coverfinal2_rev2[1]With a runaway lion loose in the neighbourhood, Derrick, Samantha and Michael feel scared. Nanny Piggins feels like a slice of cake. And Boris feels like that lion looks strangely familiar.  In this third action-packed book of adventures, Nanny Piggins tames a lion and a lion tamer. She also revolutionises the sport of ski jumping, introduces hot-pink leotards to the local Neighbourhood Watch, demonstrates trapeze skills on a moving bus, plays badminton with a wok and teaches Shakespeare a thing or two about how to write a play. All while thwarting Mr Green’s attempt to send her favourite children to Nicaragua (she does find it wearisome having to put him in his place constantly). And yet somehow she still finds time to bake lots and lots of cake.


Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-off (book4)

NP4 new coverDerrick, Samantha and Michael should be in school. Instead they find themselves in NASA’s space shuttle, which Nanny Piggins manages to accidentally launch, blasting them all into outer space. This time she has gone too far. In this thrilling fourth instalment of her adventures, Nanny Piggins wrestles with a crocodile, bungy jumps of the roof using the elastic from Mr Green’s underpants, staples chicken wire over their chimney to keep out Santa, captures an apricot danish loving jewel thief and rescues her brother, Boris, from an onslaught of professional wrestlers.


Nanny Piggins and the Rival Ringmaster (book 5)

NP5 new coverIn book five of her enthralling adventures, Nanny Piggins discovers some startling truths about the ruthless Ringmaster, provides counselling to a Molavadian princess with pre-wedding jitters, inadvertently wins a Nobel Prize while impersonating her sister and catches up with her favourite 4 tonne friend, Esmeralda the forgetful elephant.



Nanny Piggins and the Pursuit of Justice (book 6)

NP6 coverNanny Piggins gets in trouble with the law after some illicit tight rope walking, and is sentenced to 5000 hours community service.  But she isn’t the type of pig to take her punishment lying down, not when there are old people to rescue, pirates to impersonate and a great big bus to borrow.




Nanny Piggins and the Daring Rescue (book 7)

Daring Rescue coverWhen Mr Green rings from a tropical island, begging to be rescued, Nanny Piggins first instinct is to say ‘no’.  However, a principle is at stake. No-one kidnaps her employer – at least not without written permission from her.  So Nanny Piggins sets out to save the hapless tax lawyer, and to do so she must first dabble in a spot of bungy jumping, deceive immigration officials wearing a fake moustache and seduce the President with her most powerful weapon – the dance of the seven cakes


Nanny Piggins and the Race to Power (book 8)


In this riveting eighth instalment of Nanny Piggins adventures, she sets out to thwart Mr Green’s political ambitions by running for mayor herself.  Her mission – to proudly fight for ‘Liberty, Equality and Cake!’

Is democracy safe?  Probably not.  Will Nanny Piggins give everyone in the electorate diabetes from too much cake?  Most likely.  But in doing so she has many tremendous adventures along the way – including a diabolical fun run, being trapped in a sabotagued lift, faking seismic activity, safeguarding the local vacant lot and beating the world pole vault record.


The Nanny Piggins Guide to Conquering Christmas (book 9)

Nanny Piggins 9This is not a survival guide to Christmas.  This is a guide to conquering the yuletide season!  That’s right, it is time to take a stand – don’t suffer through another year of brussels sprouts, gift-wrapped socks and slobbery kisses from great aunts who forget to put their teeth in.  Take control of your Christmas and put the happy back in your holiday, using the handy hints, games and inspiring stories within this book.