“Writing Tips” – My Zine

My ten year old daughter taught me how to make a zine (a mini-magazine you make out of one sheet of A4 paper), so I made one of writing tips.

I’ll up load the file as a pdf so you can print it off at home, then cut and fold it into zine form. I’ll also put up a video of how to do that in case you don’t already know.

Here’s a photo to show you what it looks like when it’s all flattened out.

The link below is a pdf of zine that you can print off at home on a regular sheet of A4 paper. You need to download the pdf to your computer first, then open the file and print it. (If you try to open it here and print it straight away it will come out the wrong size. At least it did when I tested it).

Here’s an instructional video showing you how to make it up…

I hope you find the tips helpful!