Cover Reveal!

My next book ‘Hamlet is Not OK’ comes out in July. Thank you @jesscruicky for designing such a beautiful cover.

‘Hamlet is Not OK’ is the story of a 16-year-old girl who gets busted for not doing her homework (yes, this bit may be a little autobiographical). When her tutor makes her read Hamlet out loud – they are sucked into the play. She meets Hamlet, realises he is totally messed-up and tries to help him solve his problems. And she has some really strange solutions.

I’m super proud of this book. It was my covid project. During lockdown, I had so much fun immersing myself in Shakespeare’s world. I’ve tried to write a novel that makes all that beautiful language accessible to a younger audience while exploring the heavy duty issues in the play, that are still so relevant to teenagers today.

I’m going to do a launch show for ‘Hamlet is Not OK’ at the Rebel Theatre in Sydney. Tickets will go on next week. Please do come along if you can.

About raspratt

Author and television writer. Best known for writing the 'Peski Kids', 'Friday Barnes' and 'Nanny Piggins' series.

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