I have created this podcast of bedtime stories. But really they’re stories for any time of day. And they’re all read by me in my weird Australian (and sometimes a little English) accent. There are Nanny Piggins and Friday Barnes short stories, as well as other short stories I’ve made up. You can listen to the most recent five episodes here using the player below. Or check out the whole back catalogue on your favourite podcast directory.

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A Tall Tale about Bees and Alien Invaders Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt

When mysterious things start appearing on the vacant block at the end of their street – Mum and Tammy's imaginations run wild.Support the show http://www.buymeacoffee/storiesrasprattSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/storiesraspratt)
  1. A Tall Tale about Bees and Alien Invaders
  2. 'The Red Shoes' as told by Nanny Piggins
  3. Friday Barnes and the Potato Dash
  4. 'Hercules and the Augean Stables' as told by Nanny Piggins
  5. A Tall Tale about Eggs and Witches