I have created this podcast of bedtime stories. But really they’re stories for any time of day. And they’re all read by me in my weird Australian (and sometimes a little English) accent. There are Nanny Piggins and Friday Barnes short stories, as well as other short stories I’ve made up. You can listen to the most recent five episodes here using the player below. Or check out the whole back catalogue on your favourite podcast directory.

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Nanny Piggins and the Santa Photo Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt

This is a replay of an episode I recorded last Christmas. In this story, Nanny Piggins takes the children to get their photo taken with Santa at the their local shopping centre. But she is horrified by their prices and starts a photo rebellion.If you're interested in getting a signed book by me as a Christmas present you can contact my local bookstore, 'The Bookshop Bowral' on 02 4862 1634 or email them at books@thebookshopbowral.com.auThe audiobook of NANNY PIGGINS AND THE RUNAWAY LION is now available! You can download it from Audible, Google play, Apple Books or whereever you usually get your audiobooks. Support the show
  1. Nanny Piggins and the Santa Photo
  2. '1001 Arabian Cakes' as told by Nanny Piggins
  3. Friday Barnes and the Case of Ian's Dad
  4. 'The Least Brave Knight of the Round Table' as told by Nanny Piggins
  5. 'The Legend of Typhon' as told by Nanny Piggins