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‘Friday Barnes 10, Undercover’ goes on sale

If you don’t want to do the maths, that means it’s going on sale 1st February 2022. I know it’s disappointing that it’s not before Christmas, but I don’t pick the release dates the publishers do. I have been writing two books a year like clockwork for ten years. I’ve never had a publication date pushed back because I’ve missed a deadline. I know waiting is hard. I am old enough to remember how hard it was to wait for JK Rowling to write ‘Order of the Phoenix’. It’s all going to be alright. We’ll get there.

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Author and television writer. Best known for writing the 'Peski Kids', 'Friday Barnes' and 'Nanny Piggins' series.

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  1. I have purchased every Friday Barnes book for my granddaughter Elsa, aged 10 and she has enjoyed everyone. Unfortunately I found it very difficult to obtain your last book, No Escape over here in the UK and my son who lives in Melbourne had to ship it over for me. Even Amazon could not help. Could you possibly give me a contact in Australia who could help me with future purchases, I have tried contacting your agent but they don’t reply to me. Many thanks for your assistance.

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