Friday Barnes makes Booktopia Books of the Year List!


‘Friday Barnes: Girl Detective’ has made it into the 2014 Booktopia Books of the Year List!  This is a tremendous honour.  Here’s what they wrote in their review, “We want to be Friday Barnes. There, we said it. Another great read from R.A. Spratt, the mind behind Nanny Piggins.”  What wonderful people, with excellent judgement the people at Booktopia are.

Nanny Piggins Surprise Minor rings out in Somerset

It is an obscure fact about R.A. Spratt that one of her few hobbies is bellringing.  As such, two bellringing methods have been named after Nanny Piggins.  (R.A. did not compose the methods, Thomas Perrins did).  Just last week a band in Somerset, UK rang a quarter peal of Nanny Piggins Surprise Minor, which is especially surprising because the Nanny Piggins books aren’t available in the UK.  Nanny Piggins is none-the-less delighted by the honour.  Here are the details as they appear on…
Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
Camerton, Somerset
St Peter
Tuesday 2 December 2014 (9-1-15)
1320 Nanny Piggins Surprise Minor

1   Phill Butler
2   Sheila C Matthews
3   Jane Hooker
4   Nicki J Lang
5   Terry Nicholls
6   Robert Perry (C)
First blows in method for all.
400th quarter together 4 & 6